Sunday, September 23, 2007

Am I Out of Control or WHAT?

I was going to update the 'Books I'm Reading' section, and maybe I still will, but when I stepped back to look at all that I'm reading I decided this deserves it's on listing. Besides, since homeschooling officially began, my writing opportunities have definitely dropped in frequency, so you just have to take what you can get. And actually, I started writing this, had no time to finish, and now I've finished some that I had sitting here. Hate that! So I've got to include some of the recently reads.

Currently Reading:

Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly - Just started this one earlier today. It's by the author of "Ella Enchanted." I happened upon it in the non-fiction children's section of the library during our last visit and thought it looked interesting. I've always wanted to be an author, but the whole fiction thing is beyond me.

The Candy Shop War - Jamie and I are reading this with the boys. Great story by the author of Fablehaven, Brandon Mull. I can't believe this guy sleeps at night for all the cool stories in his head. I heard the movie rights for this have been sold.

Raising Up a Family to the Lord - I've got this as a talk on tape and love it. Not too far in, but I'm hoping this builds more on the same.

Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner - I learned about this one after being told Sammy is "very right-brained." Definitely interesting.

Smart Moves: Why Learning is not All in Your Head - Another one I'm reading for Sammy. I first heard about something called "Brain Gym," a concept of using exercises and stretches to turn on areas of your brain. From all that I gather, for "Smart Moves" those ideas were used and explained more, and furthered the concept. Not too far in.

Peter and the Shadow Thieves - We are listening to this on in the car right now. We've already listened to the first, Peter and the Starcatchers. Fun stories! Jim Dale (who read the Harry Potter series) recorded these ones as well.

And of all things...

Simplify: A Guide to Caring for the Soul - Simplify? Have you seen this list alone?? :) This isn't just on tossing things. It's also on being true to ourselves, kind to ourselves, and letting go (among even more things). I'm doing my best. We've all got to reach for something, eh?

Recently Read:

Goose Girl and Princess Academy - Wow, wow, wow. I am so amazed with Shannon Hale's writing. Great female characters, exciting story lines. I have myself on the list of about everything else of hers at the library.

The Read-Aloud Handbook - It was partially because of this one that I didn't finish writing this sooner. Had to finish it for this month's book group, especially since I was presenting it. Great motivator to read to your kids!