Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Do you ever look at tomorrow,

Knowing at the beginning you wake and the end you go to sleep,

And wonder what the story in the middle will be?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hobbits Sew on Patches?

I love checking out my Google Analytics. It's so funny to see how people make it to my blog. I still get a lot of hits from Petite Tresors Cocoa Dusted Truffles, but sewing scout patches has become another extremely popular road here.

Some of my favorite searches from the last month:
* hobbit sew on patches
* pull front teeth
* thomas jefferson drooling
* bedmaking in a hospital

My good buddy Clint posted about his Google Analytics stats last week, and talked about the hits he'd had from different countries. So I went to check mine. My favorite out of the US hit is from Riga, Latvia.

By the way, to read more about Google Analytics, check out this post.

Another Homeschool Blessing

I've been thinking for a while that it's time to potty train Erin, but sheesh, it's quite a committment. Last week I told the other little girls that I would pull out the potty on Monday and get her started. Didn't make it out till two nights ago while Erin and Carolyn were in the bath. Seeing this fun new toy, Erin decided she was done pretty quick, so Carolyn kept on swimming and Erin sat and sat and sat. Lo and behold, success!

I thought about it again yesterday morning, but since we were going to the park I didn't say anything about panties. Later that afternoon Melanie took it upon herself to panty Erin up and took her to the bathroom several times. Both successes and failures, but so it goes.

Melanie loves to be the little mother, and she's been playing that role a lot with potty training.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Strike a Pose

Just had to share. I was taking pictures of Erin on her birthday and Carolyn wanted to join in, then Adam, then they gathered everyone up for a group shot.

Last week we were in Twin Falls for a Wood Badge beading ceremony and stopped by the newly dedicated temple while we were up there.

Too bad we didn't make it up when we could all go inside!

Monday, October 6, 2008

On Food Storage

I was just sent this article on Food Storage by a friend. We've been trying to build ours up more, but I know there is more to do.

From the article I went to her website and found she's got a blog, Totally Ready. Looks like a good read.

And thanks Hannah for pointing out your blog Safely Gathered In!