Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Love to See the Temple

For the Relief Society lesson today I was asked to share an experience when I sacrificed to go to the temple and the blessings I received for doing so.  When I first thought about it I could think of plenty of sacrifices - time, distance, being away from family, and the like.  While reading President Monson's talk "The Holy Temple--A Beacon to the World," the basis of the lessons, I went online to google maps to calculate where 2500 miles would be from me so I could have a better perspective on what the people described in two of the stories sacrificed.  From where I live, 2500 miles would be to either Miami, Florida or Southern Maine (Anchorage, Alaska is almost 3000 miles).  Already humbling.

But then google maps tells you how long it would take to travel by car - 1 day 18 hours.  And that's in a nicely air-conditioned car on well-paved roads with plenty of snacks packed and restaurants and rest stops abounding.  In comparison...
Those faithful Saints journeyed by boat for four days on the Amazon River and its tributaries. After completing this journey by water, they boarded buses for another three days of travel—over bumpy roads, with very little to eat, and with nowhere comfortable to sleep. After seven days and nights, they arrived at the temple in São Paulo, where ordinances eternal in nature were performed. Of course their return journey was just as difficult. However, they had received the ordinances and blessings of the temple, and although their purses were empty, they themselves were filled with the spirit of the temple and with gratitude for the blessings they had received.
With a temple 20 minutes away, what really do I have to say about sacrifice?  "Once upon a time I drove for 10 minutes to pick up a friend from work, then drove another 10 while minutes to the temple.  When we were done there, we stopped for ice cream before dropping her off again.  The house was messy when I got back."

It was a kick in the pants that I need to get there more often.

The temple has been a different blessing at different times of my life.  When my children were all young (making it necessary to find a babysitter to go), the biggest blessing for me was the peace I felt there.  Now, the blessings are answers to prayer and other types of instruction, reminding me that God knows there is such a person as Marni, trying to do my best to be a good wife, raise the children He blessed me with, and fulfill the other responsibilities He has given to me.  I assume the blessings of attending will continue to grow and evolve.

I like to sing a song or two with my baby before putting her to bed.  It always makes me smile when I start to sing a song only to have her stop me with, "No! Temple!", letting me know she wants me to sing "I Love to See the Temple."  She does like other songs, but she's never "requested" me to sing any other song.

Can't wait to go take you there someday.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I Really Should Do This Once in a While...

For a quick update...

We've had a sick house this week.  I would prefer everyone to get it and get it over with, but at our house we have to spread things out one at a time (though the two littlest started first, about a half hour apart).  Seems that the stomach flu has about a 48 hour incubation period...

The Hall Family is working on memorizing:
Moroni 7:45-48
Isaiah 64:8
The first quote on this page.

Together we are reading:
"I am David" by Anne Holm

I am working on reading (by this I mean I've picked it up within the last month and read part with the intent to eventually finish it):
"Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss
"Daisy Chain" by Charlotte Yonge (I'm not going to admit how long I've been reading this)
"Baden-Powell: Two Lives of a Hero" by William Hillcourt
"Daughters in My Kingdom"

Jamie introduced me to the movie "12 Angry Men" this week.  I sadly admit that I've complained about those jury duty letters, though the closest I've been to actually being on a jury was the one time I had to go to the courthouse where the other potential jurors and I sat for about an hour before we were dismissed to go home.  After watching that movie I realized why we need good, intelligent, moral people on juries.

Our chickens are doing fabulous.  They are just over 20 weeks old (average "start to lay eggs" age), and two of them have been laying for a week.  It's a gift finding those eggs every day.  We have to rotate through the kids, because they all want their turn gathering them.