Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bigs and Littles

Why I love having both big and little kids around:

1.  The littles have so many others to love and take care of them.  I tell my bigs often how boring their early life was.
2.  It's great practice for the bigs to help take care of the littles.  After all, we're raising future parents.
3.  By the time the bigs are having children the littles should be big enough to learn from them by helping to take care of their littles - as long as they live close enough.
4.  Littles love so easily, and bigs need that.

Several sweet sibling pics that make my heart happy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Million Pounds

Several years ago I was in a class where it was taught that to get the space shuttle off the ground it takes (something like, my number could be wrong) a million pounds of pressure . . .

. . . but once it's in orbit, it takes only a little puff of air here and there to keep it where it needs to be.

The analogy was then made that to get some things we're involved with running really well, it takes a million pounds of enthusiasm and work, but once it's in the air, it just runs.

Something I've been thinking about recently and just thought I would share.