Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Parable of the Chicken House

Once upon a time we got six really adorable baby chickens.  All they needed was a big box for a house, a change of newspaper every day or two, some food, and water.

But then they grew...

And grew...

And grew...

...until they needed a new house.  Because of the timing, we were very busy and didn't have a chance to work on their house more than this (four boards screwed together to make a base)...

...before going out of town for a week to be all scouty with the family (yes, there is an extra in that picture, and Madeleine is on Jamie's back).

When we got home, the need for the chickens to have a new house was even greater, but since Jamie was heading to scout camp for a week and then out of town for a week, it was me or no one.

Thank goodness I had some drill using lessons during our week away.

And so I began.  I had already looked at a lot of pictures online and saved a bunch in the style I wanted (but nothing exactly what I wanted), so I printed some out, figured the size I wanted, went and bought a bunch of wood, and went crazy.

(I thought I took more "during" pictures than that!)

I was very impressed with my skills and how well things were going together.  Then suddenly I would realize I didn't know what to do next.  I would pull out the pictures I had printed - good ideas, but again not exactly what I wanted.  So I would sit in a camp chair in the shade next to where I was building and just stare at the chicken house for a while.  Before long, an idea would come, I would know just what to do next, and I would get back to work.

After days of work, the chicken house was completed!  The chickens were very happily removed from their box and introduced to their lovely new home where they will hopefully live happily ever after, or at least until they go to chicken heaven.


(For my personal interpretation of this parable, check back in a week or so.  I'm using this in a Relief Society lesson and don't want to spill the beans yet in case someone that will be there reads this.)