Friday, July 22, 2016

Plates vs. Wives

What if Lehi's boys approached Ishmael like they approached Laban?

"I'm not going in there."
"Me either!"
"Why did we have to come all this way back?"
"Come on guys, Dad said need wives.  Let's just cast lots and whoever loses goes in."
"Fine. Let's just get this over with."
"Aw man, it's me! I'm nasty from the journey, but I'm not showering for that old man. Wish me luck!"

*Angry father tosses out Laman.*

"Geez Laman, what happened?"
"I could tell he didn't like me the moment I stepped in there. Maybe he remembered the night I had a date with his daughter and yelled for her from my camel outside their gate.  What does he think this is? The -700th century?"
"No kidding. What do we do now? Go back and tell dad we failed?"
"I've got an idea - let's go get all the gold and silver out of our house..."

Thank goodness they were thinking a little better retrieving the ladies than when they were getting the plates.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


"God's role is a constant, not a variable.  He always keeps His promises.  The only variable is whether we have the faith that we will be blessed with miracles if we make commitments to God and then obediently do what we said we would do."  --Clayton M. Christensen

Christensen made that statement regarding member missionary efforts in his inspiring book "The Power of Everyday Missionaries," but this is an eternal truth.  If we choose to be obedient and act, we will received the help we need.

Case in point - last year I took a good chunk of the year to read the Book of Mormon.  My initial goal was to finish before Adam left on his mission, but I really wanted to make it a deep study, summarizing what I read and adding my thoughts.  That took a lot of extra time and effort, but I did it, and it's a treasure to me.

The first Sunday of the year I was sitting in Primary, and the Primary secretary handed me the Relief Society newsletter and a 90 day Book of Mormon reading chart that had apparently been passed out in Relief Society.  My initial thoughts came fast and strong, "I can't do that!  It just took me most of a year to just read it.  There's no way."  And I shoved the chart in my bag.  A couple days later I had the gentle thought, "Just listen to it when you drive kids to and from seminary."  "Okay, I can do that," I thought back.  In less than 80 days I finished the Book of Mormon doing not much more than that, just adding in other times I was alone in the car, which really wasn't a lot.  It was a wonderful reminder to me that with Heavenly Father's help, I can do things I didn't think I could.

From just the page before, "When we engage in a covenant with God that we will do something that one of our leaders has asked us to do, [and I would add, things we received personal revelation to do], and we are desperate to do what we have committed to do, God truly comes to trust us."

I love the word desperate in there.  In the chapter he is teaching about setting a date to have someone take the missionary discussions.  Not just invite, but to actually have it happen.  He shares that though his dates are set a year or several months out, it's a casual commitment until the date gets closer and he starts to panic, and that's when he gets serious, desperate even, about making it happen.

Makes me think about my own commitments, and if I am casual or serious/desperate about them.  Daily scripture study?  Personal prayer?  Temple attendance?  Visiting teaching?