Monday, September 14, 2009

One Year at a Time

Early in 2008 I declared it the year to clear things out. No, I'm not done. In my defense, I've heard it said that it didn't take a day (or a year in this case) to get that deep, so it's going to take more than a day (or year) to clear it out. Besides the whole 5 kids and lots of other things to do factor.

Still, I got a lovely surprise about how much I've learned and how my attitude has changed when I attended an organization class Saturday put on by my amazing and talented friendKaren. I don't think there was anything overly new for me in that realm that she shared (other than another burst of motivation to keep it going), but the biggest realization I got there was that rather than feeling anxious while I listened, feeling like it was something I should be doing and internally coming up with all kinds of reasons why I shouldn't/couldn't get rid of things I didn't need to hold on to anymore, it was refreshing and exciting to be there, knowing that the weight of all those feelings isn't on me ANY MORE! That I can get rid of things and it's okay, and wonderful even! Hooray! Thank you Karen for the big part you've had to play in that, Lara for yours a lot through your blog (and a quote recently while talking to her, "Just throw it away, you'll be glad you did" - she's right), and the authors who've written books or articles I've happened upon to help my heart change as much as it has.

Oh wait, before I move on, something I did learn from Karen at the class that has already been proving helpful - tell the kids they only have to clean up the things they want to keep. Genius! I told that to my boys, and I don't think I've ever seen their room cleaned so well. They didn't have time to finish what they were working on, but I was impressed. Very impressed. I'm so glad there are so many people smarter than me.

This year, I decided back in January, was my year to learn to make bread. It took some reading and playing and messing up, but I feel very great about my bread making efforts. We make a triple batch of rolls about every week, if not more often when I'm more on top of it. I've learned that rolls go faster than a loaf of bread so I make those the most. Just easier for the kids to grab and eat without having to deal with cutting it. My learning has paid off enough that I even taught a class on making bread Saturday!

Isn't it great how learning new things pays off? If those were the only two things I'd learned in the past two years I would still feel pretty darn good about myself. A slow learner, but still making progress. With all the years ahead, if I learned one more cool thing like that every year, just think about how amazing I would be!!!

Exciting things to learn practice a lot in the future: canning, sewing, meal planning, piano (after years of piano lessons, I was teaching two of the kids how to sight read using Jon Schmidt's method and really learning it for myself!), and some other things I thought of earlier but can't remember right now.

Learned anything exciting and new lately?


  1. I've definitely got to learn to get rid of stuff.

  2. Wow, you're learning all kinds of new things! It definitely takes a new way of thinking to be able to declutter the way you are and it takes time (and brain washing) to change your way of thinking. You're there!

  3. Your class inspired me as well, even if I have made your rolls 100 times. Yesterday I used your recipe to make sandwich rolls - they turned out tasty. And today, for the heck of it, I am attempting 2 loaves of bread (with a different recipe). Thanks for being such a fantastic friend!

  4. I'm learning to journal (blog) thanks to you my friend. ;)

  5. I learning to organize as well! It feels so good when I'm done, but then I realize the room I just put all the junk from the room I organized is now the overwhelming room, so I guess I'm not really "learning" just switching things up a bit. I AM learning about Joan of Arc, Leonardo de Vinci, Michelangelo and the Constitution right now. (;

  6. Cheryl - FUN! I feel like I fight with so much 'stuff' around here that I can't delve into reading and studying like I'd like (doing it, but not as much as I want to). Keep blogging about it so I can at least get your digest version. :)

  7. "tell the kids they only have to clean up the things they want to keep"

    I love this!!! I keep telling myself that when we have a bit more space I will make more of an effort. :P