Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Always Out of Order

I have three or four posts I've started in the past week or so but haven't finished, adding to the many others in the same category. We'll see if this one gets officially published.

I'm so out of order. An example from this morning. I had a bracelet I needed to ship, really quick and easy style. I needed to get online (there's the downfall!) to check the size since I hadn't written it down, and after checking my e-mail, reading a couple blog posts quick, e-mailing my visiting teaching partner, I finally turned to make the bracelet. At the same moment I heard the mail lady driving up the street. Oops. Now I get to go drop it off at the blue mailbox up the street instead just at my own mailbox. That's what I mean, always out of order. Something else I need to learn - priorities!!!

On a random sidenote, we have all been looking very religious lately, well the kids at least, trying to choose which jeans were the least holey when we have to venture out in public. Yesterday I went to Savers (if you don't know, like DI only they organize their jeans way better so I can actually find what I'm looking for. DI, could you fix that? No sizes on the racks really bugs me. Maybe you have a system and I just haven't figured it out yet. I promise I'll ask about it sometime). I love buying my jeans there, because I hate how much jeans cost, especially ones that actually look nice. Several years ago I stopped buying jeans for the kids there because instead of the knees lasting a few months they started lasting only one month, thus making it not very cost effective. I decided to take the plunge again and see if that still held true, thoroughly inspecting the knees of course. Happily, I walked out with at least two pairs of jeans each (in some cases they'll have some to grow into) for five of us.


  1. I am always out of order too! That is why no room in my house can ever be completely clean at one time. I go to clean the bathroom and on my way to get the cleaner, I see that my table needs dusting, so on my way to get a rag, I see that my dishes need doing, and on and on and on. Until in the end, nothing gets done.

  2. That is a woman after me own heart!!

  3. I do the same thing! I get much too distracted that's why I have to make a list when I start to get out of control. When I'm in the middle of something and I think, I need to email this person, instead of stopping what I'm doing to email them I write it down to do later. Ok, I don't always. Only when I do it right.

    I think there is hope for us. I really want to get my basement cleaned out. We need to challenge each other to spend an hour a day or every other day in our basements. We can do it!

  4. Don't know if I could do an hour a day. Sometimes every other day might even be pushing it. But even an hour a week would be an improvement! I could try every other day, though. But yes, a commitment with accountability would definitely help, at least around here.

  5. I recently found a resale store literally 2 mins down the road where I found brand new gap and old navy jeans for 1.50 to 3.oo for the girls this year...I was floored..Maria needed them the most..she doesn't fit into 6'3" brothers hand me downs..they aren't that cute either!!