Saturday, September 5, 2009

Habit Breaking

I was feeling so punished at the beginning of my week without internet. Since I'm a tough girl and know I can put up with a lot, I have to put on my tough girl face about that, so everyone would know that really I was surviving. (But wait, did that last post sound a little more whiney than tough girl?)

Well either way, she finally did come out. And I started really enjoying my evenings without wasting using my time to catch up on e-mail and blogs. And rather than using the computer for downtime I would find other methods (sorry, still not housecleaning) to settle my brain for a few moments.

I realized some funny irony about the whole situation a couple days ago. A few weeks ago I got really really really really really sick of the TV, so I "broke" it - unplugged it, but not in the way I normally would straight from the wall, but just the TV cord into the power strip that then connects to the wall. The kids were baffled, and for several days our house was blissfully TV-less. It amazed me how quickly they stopped turning to it at every bored moment. Now it is much easier to regulate, and when mom says "no" like I still have to sometimes, they just go find something else to do.

Maybe I needed the same lesson. Even though it's been up since Wednesday night, I'm not back into old habits yet. I was having fun with the 7 day blogging thing and overcoming some of the reasons I don't blog much (more on that since I learned about that a few days ago), but there are so many exciting things out there to see and do. Like pilates. The kids and I have been doing pilates here and there. And hello! It's always good to work on my forever expanding reading list.

See, it was all for the good. Thanks for breaking the internet for me, Jamie. Told you I don't hate you!


  1. I'm slipping, I'm! I haven't gotten back to the habit of wasting excessive time at the computer, but I can feel the power of it reaching out to pull me in. I've been reading like crazy though and enjoying it a lot. I'll just try to keep that up! Still gotta listen to that Aquatic Chimpanzee clip!

  2. I wish someone would break my internet for a couple years. Did I tell you I finished Circle of Quiet? Lovely. And I just finished The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success too. It was easy and enlightening. I've been reading more and more about the laws of the universe lately. When I look back on my life they do make sense.

  3. *tongue in cheek* Oh sure get me all hooked on blogging then you up and find the virtues of not being addicted to the internet. Thanks a lot. ;)

  4. I know, K, I'm rude like that. It's a slippery slope. :) I still haven't caught up with all the blog posts that came up, which is making me think I need to unsubscribe from the ones I obviously don't care about enough to catch up on.

  5. P.S. I am anxious to hear how your new homeschooling group is going especially your writing class.