Thursday, July 3, 2008

In Action!

Tuesday we blew up the swimming pool and the kids went crazy for a while in the water. When things were slowing down and Adam and his best friend were about the only ones still playing in the water, they came up with this game they call "In Action." They have four tennis balls. One pitches, one hits. After all four balls have been pitched and either hit or missed, the boys start yelling "In action! In action!" Tuesday the point of the yelling was to have one or the other of them throw a ball up in the air for the other to make an elegant in-the-air catch and fall into the pool.

Sammy and the friend's little brother thought it was such an awesome game they had to join in.

Yesterday it was partially that, but even more. They decided that if the tennis balls are out of the water too long they'll die, so while they are still "In action!"-ing, the deeper intent has become to get the balls back to the water. This is such a concern, they even have a new rule that if you're the pitcher, you get water in your mouth before you start pitching so you can spit on the last two balls so they aren't out of the water too long.

Kids definitely need more leisure time. Let those imaginations fly!

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  1. Kids make up the greatest games (although usually the rules are too confusing for me to follow). Those are great pictures. You must have a nice camera to capture everything in motion like that.