Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Million Dollar Chicken Nugget

I've decided to take Kathryn's 7 day blog challenge. She's pretty darn amazing, so I figure anything that she does I should do too. This is also challenge I think I could probably do. I've seen 30 day challenges before, but after 30 days of me every day, the three people subscribed to my blog would probably unsubscribe, and then where would I be?

Before I begin, no, we didn't buy any chickens in the past day that we then turned into a really amazing nugget.

I watched the children of a lady I visit teach last month, and she bought my kids and I McDonald's for lunch as a thank you. She didn't have to do that, but I'm always grateful not to have to make a meal. Adam was eating away at some chicken nuggests when he noticed this very happy chicken nugget.

I promise there was no picture editing done there except a little brightness/contrast control since the picture came out a bit dark and I really wanted you all to see that lovely chicken face.

After taking a couple of pictures, Adam ate the chicken, and I'm sure felt a lovely happy feeling inside.

A few days later I was telling some family members about the nugget, and my sister told me I should have listed it on eBay. DUH! I didn't even think about that. I don't know how much people normally pay for this kind of thing, but I've been kicking myself ever since. Maybe there is some rich old McDonald's chicken nugget collector out there. Even if it sold for the price of a brand spanking new box of chicken nuggets, that would have been a fine story to share for years to come. As it is, all we have are these pictures. Sigh!


  1. WOW! I am so excited to read what is going on at the Hall Home for a whole week! I so enjoy reading your blog and there are days that go by that there is nothing new and I just miss the up-date!!

  2. Wow...you could have been on the Today show. Bummer. :) Really that chicken nugget does look happy to make its owner happy. It at least could have been a commercial. ;)

  3. Mom, I'm already feeling the writer's block rushing in.

    Kathryn, that totally would have made a sweet commercial. BTW, does "blah blah blah blah blah" count for a day's post? :)

  4. I should have mentioned that when we went to McDonald's as Sammy's lunch choice for his birthday, I sat and carefully checked out every chicken nugget before I let anyone eat it. No cool surprises.