Thursday, April 8, 2010


We discovered some ultra super amazingly fun storytelling CDs recently by Willy Claflin. Go right now to your library website and put them on hold.

First we checked out "Uglified Ducky," which I guess is a book as well. The library didn't have the book so I tried the CD. I would still like to read the book sometime, but Mr. Claflin, I mean Maynard Moose, tells it so well that I'm not sure the story would be as good. Though I'm sure the pictures would be fun.

We enjoyed Uglified Ducky so much during our next library trip we had to get the three others they have:

Maynard Moose: Sleeping Beastly and Other Tales
Maynard Moose Tales
The Wolf Under the Bed

Warning #1: Rocky Raccoon sings a song about eating sugar all the time. "When your soul starts to sag, open up yourself a 10 pound bag." So if your children want to try everything they see/hear or if you are religiously opposed to sugar even in jest, skip that one.

Warning #2: Maynard Moose is a very creative speaker, using works like uglified, bandridged (bandaged), demember (remember). We thought it was cool and funny, but thought I would throw that out in case you think you wouldn't.

Warning #3: With these playing in your car, your children might be more distracted by the songs and stories than by which of their siblings is touching them, looking at them, looking out their window, etc. Again I find this a bonus, but realize that some enjoy sibling interaction in all its varieties.

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  1. LOL that some might enjoy sibling interaction in all its varieties.