Monday, March 28, 2011

Small Miracles, Everywhere

Last Thursday I lost my iPod Touch.

I didn't realize I didn't know where it was until that evening.  I immediately went through in my mind when I knew I had it last.  That afternoon Erin had played with it but brought it back to me, and I vaguely remembered putting it in my pocket, but wasn't sure if that was the right day I remembered that happening or not.

I DID know that we'd been a couple of places, including Wal-mart, and while I was there my lovely Erin decided that since mommy wouldn't buy her an umbrella, it was time to take off through the store running and hiding.  Knowing she would just run farther if I initially gave chase, I just watched where she went, snuck up on her, and did a shorter chase-and-grab than it would have been.  There was still some wrestling involved and a bit more chasing, but eventually all was settled, and no, I still didn't buy the umbrella.  But I was sick thinking maybe I had lost it there.

Friday I did some looking to no avail, and called Wal-mart to see if anyone had found it there (no).  That evening I went to bed feeling really upset about it.  Didn't help that I folded laundry for an hour and a half and didn't have my iPod there to play the inspiring words of great men and women to make it less drudgery.

Still, I woke up Saturday feeling hope, and carried that through the day.  Did more looking, did more praying, but still found nothing.

That night, the miracle happened.

I was cleaning the kitchen getting ready for Sunday.  Everyone was in bed and I was finishing up, but at about 11:15pm Madeleine woke up crying.  I walked in her bedroom and cuddled her for a few minutes, laid her back down, and went back to work.  At about 11:45pm she woke up again, but since I was about done this time, I brought her in to the kitchen while I finished up.

A few minutes before midnight I walked her back to her bedroom and was cuddling her back to sleep, when suddenly, I heard a small chiming noise.  My first thought was that I could use my phone for an alarm in the morning, something else I use my iPod for because our regular alarm is terrible.  My second thought was, but that wasn't my phone!  It was in the kitchen charging and the dishwasher was running, so there was no way I could have heard it if it had been my phone.  The more I thought about it, I knew it had to be my iPod... somewhere.  But at least that somewhere was in the house!

The next day Adam took a dive under Erin's bed for me and came out with the iPod.  Guess she decided she needed another round of playing and forgot to get it back to me that time.

May seem silly, but to me it was a miracle that I was in the perfect place at the perfect time to hear the chime of an appointment reminder, a feature that I don't hardly ever use.  It was a little, "I love you, and want to help you even with your small worries" from Heavenly Father.

I know they happen far more than we ever realize, but I'm so grateful for the small miracles in life!


  1. So glad you were in the right place at the right time and you were listening!

  2. Thanks so much for your post. I needed this reminder today and will look for the little miracles in my days.