Saturday, January 16, 2016


In a letter from Adam this week he asked, "Also, what do you want for your birthday? I already have one thing set (you'll love it). And maybe I'll send something for you to share with the whole family (spicy hot chocolate). But any wishes?"

The morning was busy enough (working for him actually - in the first letter he sent he asked me to e-mail him some talks he could add to a USB) that I hadn't even seen that to respond, so when I had to run pick up one of the kids I sent a quick message telling him I would send more talks if I got back soon enough.  When he replied to that I finally saw the question when he said again, "I need birthday wish on Monday. So I can get it sent. So think hard about it this week."

My response (thought I don't think he saw it yet) -  "Oh my son. Just you being you is gift enough."
Logistics-wise, he's on a mission.  He doesn't have a lot of money, and he doesn't have time to be wandering looking for anything, and really, what am I supposed to tell him?  "There's this book I really would like..."

But really, every letter is a gift.  Every picture he sends.  Every experience he shares.  Every testimony he bears.  Every bit of him I get to see growing and becoming stronger and stronger in the gospel.

It's been a perfect reminder of what really can we give our Heavenly Father, but I've still been trying to think of what I could tell him.

Say a prayer with me in mind and say "Thank you" a lot.  ;)
Write a letter telling me what you learned from me.
Watch for an act of service you can do that day and tell me about it.


** Update - he sent me a couple sweet birthday videos, and an Elder Hall missionary tag!!!

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