Friday, August 10, 2007

Carolyn Sue

"Charlotte's Web" is playing on the TV. Carolyn and I are sharing a pillow on the floor. She's watching. I'm reading.

Giggles erupt next to me while Wilbur gets a bath, then "Mom, I'm gonna get a pig like that."

"You are? What are you going to name him?"

"Wilbur!" More giggles.

She has quite the imaginary menagerie - a horse named Melango, a monkey named Titi (every time we go to the zoo she points him out and asks when we are going to get him), a dog named Mimi, and just recently, a bunny and a cat. So now I guess we can add a pig to that.

"Will your pig get scared of lightning too, like Wilbur?"

"No, he will sleep in the house with me."

"Oooooh, of course."

Always in her sweet little 3-year-old world, happy and full of life, completely heart-broken and even almost surprised when someone or something mistreats her. Like she can't believe anything bad could enter her fairy land.

"Can I have some hot chocolate milk?"

"Can I hold your pig when you get it?"


"Okay, let's go get some."

She is happy to be who she is, not realizing there is any other person to be. And I am delighted to be a part of her world.

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  1. How fun! I wish I had had a blog when my older two were that little. I was never motivated to keep a journal but blogging is such an easy way to remember these fun times with the kids.

    I'm just saying hi from the Davis group.