Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Drippy Walk

We are just one big adventure after another. Today's was much less eventful, though.

While sharing yesterday's adventure with some friends in the neighborhood, one of them asked if we had seen a remote control airplane, since her husband had been flying one, it headed off that direction, and never returned. Lo and behold, I HAD seen what looked like the tail end of an airplane but it was on the other side of the swampy so I didn't investigate.

So this morning I rounded up the kids to see if we could see if that was the airplane. Heading out we realized it was a little drizzly outside, but after a 4-1 vote (after all, Adam is a baseball player and they are afraid of rain) we decided to go for it. We stopped by Jason's to see if he wanted to go on a "drippy walk" with us.

It was actually quite nice and refreshing. They baby didn't even mind it a bit, packed along in the baby front pack. Rocks are so pretty when they are wet! Everything smelled fresh and clean. Here and there it got a bit "drippier," but never too awful. We even visited the spot where Melanie took her plunge. I need to remember the camera next time we head over there!

Sometimes I think I'm a big lunatic for attempting the ideas I come up with (i.e. yesterday), but today it was well worth it.

Oh, we never did find any sign of what I thought could have been the airplane, but there was also a more noticeable washer and dryer missing, so maybe another clean up crew went through.

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