Monday, October 15, 2007

Ahhhh, the Memories

Jamie's sister's husband Bobby told Adam that if he takes and passes a hunter's safety course he will take him hunting with him. Of course Adam has become even more hunting obsessed than he already was. We're not sure where he got this hunting gene, but it arrived somehow. Maybe something extra in the prenatal vitamins the doc preferred back that time around?

He loves to read about elk and deer, plays this Cabela's Big Game Hunter game, checks out hunting videos from the library, and can make the most amazing elk calls.

Since the invitation to go hunting, he and his friend have started a 'hunting club.' They pack all kinds of odd gear into their backpacks and either head to the backyard or the park to practice their stalking and hunting skills. Today it was the backyard. It was nice and quiet inside, so of course my trouble alarm went crazy. Sammy, Melanie, and Carolyn were all off playing at neighbor's houses. I glance in the front yard - bikes and scooters, no Adam or friends. I glance in the backyard - hmmmm... backpacks by the trees. All the signs point to them being here. I step out onto the deck and still don't see anything. Then, out pops a head from some sparse bushes and lilac greens in the far corner of the yard. "What do you want?" (I heckle the friends, they heckle me.)

"Oh! Just checking to see if you guys were out here."

Knowing that the friend was out hiding, I knew then where Adam was - doing the same in the raspberry patch. I step back inside and watch for a minute. Yep, saw him move a bit.

A bit later I hear elk calls coming from the backyard.

"Dang he's good," I thought.

They were having so much fun it made me want to play too. From inside the house I started doing my horrible version of an elk bugle back. I wasn't close enough to hear, but I'm sure they were significantly amused at my attempt. It worked though - the elk called back to me! Okay, so it was just the boys, but still. We called back and forth for a while, then I had more fun up my sleeve. I grabbed a walking stick one of the kids left hanging out in the kitchen and started knocking it around on a kitchen chair and the table, attempting to sound like knocking antlers around. (See? I've learned a few tricks from Adam's hunting videos.) Success again! The elk responded.

This went on for a while before I decided that Jamie probably would appreciate a clean up attempt before he gets home. Without the calling from inside the house, the calling outside escalated then died off.

On days like this I just have to wonder what kind of odd memories I'm giving my children. I'm sure the neighbors wonder too.


  1. You are such a fun mom, Marni! don't worry! plenty of great memories being made!!


  2. Marni, I think I need to be a mom like you. I never even know when Levi is OUTSIDE let alone join in on the elk calling. I TOTALLY SUCK!!! Oh well. I love your blog. They make me aspire to do better.