Sunday, August 10, 2008

It Just Feels Right

There's something very comforting about having homemade chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge, ready and waiting to be eaten.


  1. Do you eat your cookie dough raw or cooked? After my room-mate in college and I were both married, I remembered late one night that she loved chocolate chip cookie dough. Since I had just made some, I separated out a big bag of it for her and went out to deliver it. She didn't answer the door but got it the next morning and still enjoyed it. I'm not fond of raw cookie dough as it tends to give me a headache. I've never really figured out why!

  2. I eat the dough raw. I eat the cookies cooked. :) Saturday night I just had to make a batch of cookie dough. I've wanted chocolate chip cookies for a while but don't want to heat up the house to make them.

  3. My mom used to roll the cookie dough into long rolls and then wrap them in waxed paper. By the end of the next day, the waxed paper roll would be empty. I love cookie dough raw.