Monday, August 4, 2008 - The World is Bigger Than I Thought

All of the talks have expanded my mind and made me see that there is more to this world than I could have ever dreamed. Here are my favorites in that category.

Alisa Miller - This talks shows specifically why our world may seem so small to us. It's something I've thought about before as Jamie flips between the three 10 o'clock news channels here saying things like, "Why do they always put the same stories on at the same time?" and "Don't care... (click) Don't care..." My jaw literally dropped when she shows the second map, and again when she showed what happens to that map when they take out the one story (one stupid, ridiculous, insignificant, do people really care about that story). When I get finished playing on so much I plan on seeking out more international news.

I'll be adding more world stretchers here.

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