Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good, Better, Best on the Blogosphere

I keep up on the blogs I read using Google Reader. When I run into a blog that I think I might enjoy reading more of, usually mentioned in someone else's blog, I'll subscribe to it through there and can see when it's been updated. Quick and easy.

I subscribe to some because they are my family and friends, which are always fun to see updated. There are others that I subscribed to thinking the author and I are at similar times in our lives, and it's fun to see things interpreted a little different through someone else. Many I subscribe to for personal educational value.

After a while it becomes almost a chore to read some of them. When blogs are on their way off my list I actually have a file I organize them into called "Those I Don't Care About." After they go in there, it would take some really good stuff to hold onto it much longer, but when I do unsubscribe there's a little guilt sometimes. Like we (the blog author and I) had a thing going for a while, a real connection (though of course they have no clue about how bonded we were), and I'm just not feeling it anymore. Such is life I guess.

(Stop and ponder about that for a while. Oooooh, life.)

Time IS limited. We simply have to choose what is worth taking up part of that precious time. From M. Russell Ballard, your choices should "expand your mind, increase your opportunities, and feed your soul." Currently I am subscribed to 44, about 13 of which I love to read as soon as I see something updated, some others that are still on the good list, and 4 on the way out.


  1. I thought I had a few blogs I was watching. Wow, 44?

    Can you name some of the good blogs?

  2. The blogs I list on my blog page are the ones I keep up on the most. Doesn't mean they'll be worthwhile to everyone! :)