Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sammy Sammy Sammy

Sammy is such a great kid.

He does cool things like this (airplane built with NO instructions, notice the prednasone cheeks):

and this (he has all the Indiana Jones Lego sets except one, and has been working on some fun Lego videos):

But recently he's had to do things like this:

That's not to mention the colonoscopy (which wasn't too bad either). And blood tests, which don't make him happy. At all. Thank goodness Primary Children's Hospital is such a happy place. He's been such a trooper. So far he's been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (the ulcerative colitis end of it), but Wednesday he was in all day for a liver biposy to see if they can figure out why his blood tests have been showing liver issues.

This guy, Brad, was fun. We learned two awesome jokes from him, and he explained like crazy. He even showed Sammy his heart.

Everything went really beautifully for the most part. He never complained about pain, and slept almost entirely from the time they started the biopsy till we left. He didn't wake up while Grandma and Grandpa Hall were there visiting, or when Dr. Guthery (his doc there) stopped by to talk to us. Even when we left at 8:00 that night he was only awake long enough to get in the car, then he was outcold again. He woke up more when we got home, but one of the meds he was on made him dizzy and he threw up a few times because of it. He was running around trick-or-treating with us Friday.

Now we're just waiting to see what they learned from it all.

Update: Got a phone call from the doc the Wednesday after, and it looks like he's got Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC), so now we're trying to get our feet planted on the proper road ahead. Don't look it up, the things you'll find sound scarier than what we're told will happen (if you do, the doc said that just happens in the minority of cases and after decades of progression), but the big comfort is that we're catching it really early and can keep him good and healthy for a long time.

And for the record, I mainly wanted to add Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis to see what fun it would bring in my google analytics stats.


  1. That picture of Brad kinda looks like Sam's Grandpa!!

  2. Poor Sammy. He is quite the trooper. Hope things start lookin up for him.

  3. Sammy is a stud!

    We missed you at scouts this week, but we will not let you miss next week because we are making a tool box or in your case a lego box!

    Keep you chins up Halls don't forget that GOD is always in charge and he knows what and how much we can handle for our own good in the end!

    Love ya lots, The Farners