Friday, July 10, 2009

Feeling Adventureous

Wanted to share, I just made myself a green smoothie with spinach and frozen pie cherries. Wow. It's very different. I doubt my body will know what to do with all this wholesome goodness.

Sammy and Erin had some too (less than an inch in their cups) and both said it was good. Erin wanted more, Sammy didn't.

I thought about chasing it with a brownie, but decided that would defeat the purpose.


  1. The girls and I are in the middle of baking pies, cakes and cookies for a camp fundraiser tonight, of course I've sampled everything. Maybe I should have the girls try to auction off your delicious goodness!! (:

  2. MMMmmm...I think?'s Friday which project did you pick...or how were your bon bons.

  3. Cheryl - I don't know if you would get many bidders.

    Kathryn - I've been a very ADHD worker, which I decided is a bad thing. I should have narrowed it down to one or two projects right off. I was keeping track of what I was doing each day, but two of the days were very non-productive and uninspiring. We'll see if I still share.

  4. I have quite a few friends that have been talking about their green smoothies lately. I can only remember bananas and strawberries being added with the spinach.

  5. Way to take the plunge! My body is completely addicted to them. My kids all like them, even my baby (finally) who has been refusing them all these months.