Monday, January 11, 2010

Wonderful When They Play Nice

Just have to document a few recent wonderful kid moments. With everyone going stir crazy (spring - come soon!!), patience can be harder to find around here these days.

Here's Adam working on indoctrinating Erin into hunting.

The other three had been assigned to one of Adam's animal calls, and when they heard their call, they were supposed to come in to be hunted.

I'm not sure what got this going, but I walked into the frontroom to Sammy's giggling. Carolyn was hugging all of him to make him happy. She hugged his feet, then his legs, then his tummy, his hands, and arms, and neck, and nose (with her hand wrapped around it), and his head.

Tonight at bedtime Sammy told her, "Make me happy again tomorrow, okay?"

"I promise, you guys. Your friends won't always be around, but your brothers and sisters will always be your brothers and sisters!"


  1. First: Really awesome pictures!
    Second: It was a Mom Payback day. :) Love it.

    P.S. any new word on Sammy?

  2. I love that last picture of Sammy, he looks so happy and content - Carolyn did it!

    As a mom, there is nothing better than hearing your kids make each other laugh.

  3. awwwww...great pics of the kids!! Love it. :D

  4. That's what I keep telling my children. They need each other more than they need friends.