Saturday, January 30, 2010

See Mom Clean

See the mom. See the tired mom. See the tired mom with the big tummy. See the dirty kitchen. Mom is cleaning and cleaning the dirty kitchen.

See the two girls. Little energetic girls. Mom sees the two girls. Mom sees the dirty floor. "Two girls can clean the dirty floor," thinks Mom.

"Here, girls. See the dirty floor. See the sponges. Clean the floor," says Mom.

"Okay Mom!" say the girls. Girls get the sponges. Girls get some water. Girls clean the floor. Mom is clever. Mom is happy! Mom keeps cleaning the kitchen.

Girls see the ultra concentrated dish soap. "Soap will make the floor more clean! Soap and bubbles will make cleaning the floor more fun!" Girls put lots of ultra concentrated dish soap in the water.

"See Mom! Cleaning is fun!"

"Yes, girls, yes. Cleaning is fun!" Mom is so clever. Mom is happy.

Girls keep scrubbing. Cleaning is fun with lots of bubbles!

"Help Mom! Lots of bubbles are hard to clean up!"

"Oh girls! Look! Look! Too much soap! Much too much soap!"

See the mom. See the mom on the floor. See the mom cleaning much too much soap and bubbles off the floor. See the mom rinsing the sponges. See the mom rinsing rags. Over and over and over again. Much too much soap!

See the girls. See the happy girls. We helped! Off to play! See the mom, rinsing and rinsing lots of soap off the floor. Silly Mommy! Mommy LOVES to clean! The same spots over and over. Lots more floor to clean. Another day.

Will mom ever learn?


  1. oh sad! let me tell you- when we moved into our house we got the SHARK mop- that has saved my life as far as cleaning floors go. Our house is 75% wood floors(fake) and tile- so there's lots of moping to do. It was worth every penny!!!

  2. Marni, as I started to read this I was laughing and laughing. I thought you were going to hand all three girls the little brooms I gave them to sweep, sweep, sweep. Then as I continued to read - and the bucket of water was introduced to your story - I thought, 'No, Mommy, no!!' I have seen Greta and Andrea help me mop with me close by in the kitchen. And lots of water on the floor - then I started to wring the sponges out for them. Less stress on Grandma!

  3. Poor, Poor Mom. Poor aching back. Poor slippery floor. Happy Happy Girls. Mom still number 1.

  4. Oh man! Has that floor ever been so clean?

  5. Marni...I need you in my life more.

    Thanks for the chuckle! It was all the more funny since I have done the EXACT same thing and had the same experience...and I believe it was when I was pregnant too. (Not hard to believe since I have spent 1/3 of the last 13 years pregnant :)...)