Monday, May 17, 2010

A Challenge - General Conference

We had an INCREDIBLE general conference in April. I've told several people that I don't know why they even watched it, because I'm sure the prophet got a personal phone call and was told that every talk was to be written with me in mind. There was just so so much I needed to hear.

As soon as the audio was available online, I downloaded it all to my iPod and have spent many many middle of the night feedings listening to these great words of counsel. I even created a folder on it and tagged a bunch of them as "Better Mommy" talks so that when I need a boost in that area (truth be told, daily) I can go right there.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen a lot of talk online about things people learned from conference, myself included. I've started several posts on conference related topics but haven't finished them. So I want to send out a challenge to anyone interested. If there was a particular talk/theme/quote/anything/etc. from conference that has lifted you and made you better, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to do more than one even! I always get more out of the talks when I can discuss them with others.

If you'd like, post a link in the comments when you do so my other two readers can enjoy your thoughts as well.


  1. Funny how we think they are all for us. I too was uplifted immensely...just too personal to post right now.

  2. Can you guess which one I will write about? You go first.

  3. Here's my honest answer. There are so many things I'm not doing in my life right now that I spent a great deal of conference trying to avoid the guilt. That doesn't mean I wasn't uplifted. It did strengthen my testimony generally quite a bit (as you know I've been struggling with that). I will just leave it at, I'm sure glad I watched and I have a LONG way to go to be the person I should be. (I'm struggling with the pull of the world. Not in the way most may think when they read that. I love nature so much and I think I'm giving most of myself to her these days. This, in turn, feeds me spiritually, but at what cost? I'm not doing some of the things we are asked to do.)