Monday, September 20, 2010

My Comedy of Errors

All I wanted to do was take a friend some dinner, and this is what happened:

1.  I was making lasagna and realized I didn't have any mozzarella cheese.  To the store (also grabbed a bag of salad and french bread, which I wanted to go with the lasagna anyway, and extra noodles just in case!), and home.
2.  Got meat and noodles cooking, and realized quickly that I didn't have any ricotta cheese or spaghetti sauce.  Didn't even occur to me before then as ingredients I would need.  Argh!  Had enough sauce for one pan of lasagna (if I stretched it), but decided I just couldn't do it without the ricotta.  Back to the store, and home.
3.  Opened the car door to get out the ricotta and sauce, and a jar of sauce rolled right out and broke on the driveway (one of those slow motion moments - "Nooooooooooo!").  Thank goodness it was on sale, so I had bought three jars instead of just one or two (might have bought more, but I didn't grab a cart).  Cleaned up the mess, back to cooking.
4.  Cooking away.  Sammy got after Erin for playing with my iTouch.  Then he said something like, "What did you do?"  He grabbed it and turned to show me, dropped it on the floor (ouch), picked it up and handed it to me.  Something wasn't... right.  Erin had deleted a bunch of the programs I use the most.  Big Argh!
5.  Finally finished making everything, hoped the lasagna cooked long enough, but since it was already late, I dashed off with a few extra of my little friends to deliver it.
6.  While we were there, Carolyn walked back to their chickens and collected several eggs in her shirt (this girl should have been born on a farm).  My friend offered to let her take an egg with us, and put it in one of those little rubbermaid containers that hold next to nothing but was perfect for the egg.  Erin wanted one too, of course, so without another little container, I told her we could put it in a drink holder for the ride home.
7.  Driving home on the freeway, Erin asked if she could eat the egg.  "No, it's not cooked yet."  "But can't I eat it now?"  "NO, you cannot eat it now.  It's gooey and slimey, not scrambled or fried."  Silence.  A few moments later Carolyn turned to look at her.  "MOM!  Erin cracked her egg!"
8.  The egg was together enough (learned shortly that she'd cracked a hole just smaller than a dime), that she was able to pass it up to Carolyn.  Still driving on the freeway, we swapped the broken egg to the little container, and I put the uncontained egg in my cup holder.  Napkins were passed around; baby wipes found and dispensed.
9.  Made it home without further excitement.  Our dinner was done cooking.  We set the table, and ate.

It's all much funnier now.


  1. haha! I can totally relate to the shopping- I hate when I am making a dinner and realize I don't have anything. It's common for Jonny to have to stop somewhere on the way home from work to pick something up for me! The egg story-that's funny! Although if it was me, I wouldn't have thought it so funny! hehe

  2. Wow...the dinner was amazing, but I don't know. I think the story is even better :). Thanks for doing it and for letting me make it worse by sending eggs home! That's what friends are for, right?