Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Amish Don't Know What They're Missing

I overheard someone say that today while waiting for Erin to get her leg x-rayed.

The kids and I were at the park this morning with some neighbors, and Melanie took Erin for a trip down one of the slides. They got to the bottom and Erin started crying a LOT. I walked over to get her, brought her back to the park bench, and tried to console her, but she was very upset. She finally settled down and cuddled up with me and her blankie and thumb. I was surprised that she cuddled so much and so long, until about 45 or so mintues later she acted like she wanted to get down... then quickly changed her mine. I quickly realized something was not right. I tried to get her to stand, but she wouldn't put any weight on her left leg. Uh oh.

I suddenly had visions of my then 1 year old sister in a cast to the top of her thigh, after she decided to play rodeo on the neighbors dog and got bucked off. Okay, okay, our brother and I put her on the dog, she didn't get bucked she fell, but she landed on the grass - the grass! But just going down the slide couldn't be too much worse.

But enough of that. Long story short, I left the kids at the park with a neighbor, raced home and got an appointment with a doc. X-rays didn't show a break, but he wants me to keep an eye on it because at her age something small could be hard to tell on an x-ray for a few days.

And the comment about the Amish? That was regarding how cool technology is nowadays, and he was right. The x-ray was available almost instantaneously. After it was done, we walked right back to the doctor's office downstairs, he came in the room, pulled the x-rays up on the screen, and could lighten and darken them to help check things out easier. Pretty darn amazing!

I'll be sure to let you know how things go with the baby. Poor little thing. Tonight she would crawl around, but wouldn't walk. She would stand, but you can tell she's doing it in such a way to not put pressure on the leg.

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  1. Marni, something like this happening is my worst nightmare. I hope it gets better. Are you still up for making me some bracelets? It will be a good excuse for me to come see you. I need to get pickin, but I really like that girl mickey mouse one. Let me know...