Friday, November 30, 2007

Beg, Borrow, and Steal

I like to impress myself sometimes when I do something crafty (to me, the bracelets don't count), but it's not something I come by naturally. I just came upon two super awesome ideas that I have to share because they are so easy but could be SO FUN!

Simple Blank Books - My sewing machine is going to be straight stitching away making these! Thanks to kerflop for pointing to this one.

DIY Advent Calendar - What an easy fun idea! I got a fun advent calendar back in my teens from a friend. It had little cut out things to do each day, but the overall design while not difficult, would be a little painy to recreate. I like this far far better.

Acorn People - I don't know if I'm feeling quite crafty enough myself for these yet, but what a totally fun project to do with the kids.

Time to stop looking, I need to get to bed.

Next day update: I have GOT to make Melanie one of these boxes for Christmas! Perfect place to keep those little books or other fun treasures.


  1. Marni, I love your blog! I especially liked this one -- And I am with you on loving this time of year. Pulling out the ornaments and remembering when you got them and from who!! Dad couldn't believe that I had little papers in the boxes saying who gave them to us and when. And I told him that they get put away that same way each year so everyone knows and the memory is always there!! And I loved the pictures. I still have everyone else's peanuts and I keep thinking I need to borrow yours so I can get a picture of the '5' of them together and then I will part with the others!


  2. Okay. I'm so confused because I left you this fabulous comment and it's not here. SO, if didn't get it (because you do blog approval) please tell me so that I can try and recreate it. Oh, and if you didn't get it, I really want to know where you got those "Christmas Story" ornaments.