Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What's on YOUR Tree?

I could list off at least 37 things I should be doing right now, but being the avoider that I am, I'll do them later. Instead I took pictures of things on our Christmas tree and thought I would share them with the world. I love putting up the tree every year because it's so fun and so full of memories. As Melanie put it Saturday night while pulling out her ornaments, "It's like we're opening up a bunch of presents!" It's just cozy bringing out all those fun little things you only see once a year.

So here you have it, glimpses of the Hall Family Christmas Tree.

Starting at the top, a beautiful angel given to Melanie by her aunt. Melanie argues with me every year to put up the one we used to, one I made when I was probably 13 years old. Believe me, this is far FAR cuter.

Two things made from nuts - one, an adorable walnut baby carriage bought for Carolyn while my parents were in Germany...

...the other, made by my grandma for me a looooong time ago. She's holding a sign that says, "Happiness is a THUMB." Not to mention Scruffy the Tugboat and Yoda.

A boutonniere worn by Jamie's brother at our wedding, and...

...a decoration (I have two actually) from my parents' wedding.

A jar of Christmas Spirit

A really happy grill

Not only the shipping box from "A Christmas Story" (which talks by the way)...

...but the leg lamp as well.

A camel from Afghanistan right next to Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.

And last, though certainly not least, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Elvis ornaments. (Would that be four Elvisi?) Can you see them all? One is mine, the other three are Sammy's. Shhhh, but if I remember right from after-Christmas shopping last year, I believe in less than a month there will be a FIFTH Elvis!

Maybe I just don't 'get it,' but I can't even imagine that the people with the 'perfect' Christmas trees enjoy theirs nearly as much.


  1. LOL!! I took pictures of my tree and a few favorite ornaments a few days ago!

  2. Okay. This is a fabulous post. I'd rate it in your top 3. And the leg lamp ornament and fra-gi-lay box? I NEED THOSE! Please, please, please tell me where you got them. Like... today.

    My tree isn't nearly as awesome as yours. I don't have a yoda or ANY Elvis(i?) or is it Elvi?

    Oh, and seeing you was the highlight of my day. It made me remember how much I miss you. And the bracelets couldn't be more fabulous. I don't know how you do it. You're just awesome.

  3. Okay. I'm pretty sure that google was having problems that day because I didn't get a lot of my e-mail alerts. My mind is sort of blah and it's late, but I wanted to tell you just how awesome you are and how great you looked when I saw you the other day. And I wanted to tell you Thank-You for the bracelets. And to tell you that I really want those "Christmast Story" ornaments.

    And... that you're awesome.

  4. That's right, I forget to say something about the ornaments from your other post. My mom gives us some every year, and a couple years ago my sister found that and knew Jamie had to have it, so she bought it for my mom to give him. The crate and leg come together - you can either leave the leg in the box or hang it off a Christmas light so it shines just like the real thing. Since that was a couple years ago I don't know if it would still be around in stores, but I believe they bought it at Kohl's. I just did a quick eBay search and found a bunch, so I added a link to 'leg lamp' above the picture.

  5. Holly, you look maaaahvelous too. Glad your princess is properly adorned now. :)