Sunday, December 16, 2007


(First, refer to the last post...)

...and then your needle breaks, and you have the tip but then it goes FLYING to the floor, so then you look around a lot and can't see it, and fearing the baby will find it and eat it or that hubby will find it in his foot, you sweep the floor and do finally find it (whew!). Then you get a new needle and get back to work.

Yet, wow! Is this why they tell you to change needles every so often? This is going so smoothly, and even quieter.

I'm sure it would be quicker too, if I stopped turning around to the computer.


  1. I can tell you are in the Christmas Frenzy. Join the club. Then I get on the computer. Because I really need to check blogs. It's really weird. I need to get more stuff done.

  2. Yes! And I was actually restraining myself because I kept thinking of some really great blog topics that I could have gone crazy on. Of course this morning they have all flown, probably never to be remembered again. I guess that's why one of the rules of writing is to always have a notebook nearby.