Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mysterious Women

I've heard it said that men think there is always something women are hiding, making them mysterious. I've also heard the advice given to women that they should hold something back so that men think they are more fascinating. I don't know that I've specifically done that, but it's funny to me when suddenly I learn something about myself that I really didn't know before. So I guess without realizing it I am still a mystery to myself. How very... alluring. (kidding)

Today for instance. Here is something, or maybe a few things, I learned about myself today. By the way, I found myself waxing way so eloquently, so sappily, that the letters were almost dripping off the page. So this is the Cliff Notes.

I was reading a friend's blog and she mentioned something that really disturbed me. I'm going to keep that a mystery (bwa-ha-ha!), but it bothered me so much that without realizing it I was really down in mind and spirit for quite a while. When I get like that my soul needs uplifting. Amazing classical music (like Handel's Messiah and Beethoven's 9th) does a wonderful job of this. Like the music helps my spirit cry for a while and release all the built up negative. Yes, that last part was still very sappy.

Very funny, though. When I am almost in tears explaining the Hallelujah Chorus to my children, they gaze back with a look so clear you can almost read it on their faces, "Wow Mom, you really DO need to be committed."

I also decided that this same great classical music is MY cleaning music. There are others I have tried, but although I like the music very much, I usually end up dancing and singing more than cleaning, which defeats the purpose. I got a lot done today, probably because I was so involved in the music that I could almost forget I was cleaning. Super bonus!

While I was cleaning I contemplated the kitchen garbage can. Thank goodness I'm tall enough to that I don't regularly view it eye-to-eye, but down cleaning the floor it is much easier to get a good look at. I knew the lid was in need of some serious bleach and scrubbing, but hello, the front and sides were just as nasty! Do people throw food AT the garbage? I am baffled. I vow to solve this mystery. We homemakers have so few truly intellectually stimulating diversions in the cleaning department, I think this should fit the bill.

And finally, Carolyn. She took a 1 1/2 hour bath today and was in pure heaven. She was calling me at one point so I went in to see what she needed. The plug was down, but almost no bathwater.

Me: Are you all done?
Carolyn: No.
Me: Theeeeennnnn... where's all the water?
Carolyn: I let it out.
Me: How come?
Carolyn: I ruined it.
Me: (Not sure what to say, thinking "Biiiiiig uh oh," then)
Carolyn: I got it too soapy.
Me: Oh!
Carolyn: Can you get me more water?

See, she's only 3 and already knows how to string me along.


  1. Hmmmmmm. I wonder who's blog it was.
    You're the second person that has told me how it shattered their whole day.

    SOOOOO sorry.
    Glad you were able to let it go and listen to some spiritual music. That always helps me too.

  2. Isn't that crazy, though? How a little news story like that can do that to a person? "Everything is fine." Baaaah! That still kills me.