Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Sweet Family Home Evening

I was given this idea by my wonderful visiting teacher Karen. Sammy's favorite scripture story is Samuel the Lamanite, so we totally had to try it out when it was his turn for the lesson this past Monday.

We first talked about Samuel, and how he tried to teach but they kicked him out of the city, so then he climbed up and preached from the wall. We built the wall using Rice Krispie Treats, and used a Lego guy for Samuel. Then we read Samuel's prophecy of Christ's birth. Then we threw marshmellows at Samuel, while Jamie protected Samuel by deflecting marshmellows with a DVD case.

A very fine, memorable lesson. Thank you Karen!


  1. Great, now Jaime will say "Not only does this girl add things for me to do on Sundays, she is dictating our FHEs as well!"

  2. This is a Great FHE idea. I'll use it the next time I'm incharge of the lesson. Somehow I'll have to plan ahead to have my wife make the rice crispy treats. Hopefully, the next time I see rice crispy treats, it will trigger this story in my head and I'll volunteer to teach the lesson.