Thursday, December 13, 2007

Playing Around

While I was adding the list of blogs I like to read earlier (there are many more, but these are some I thought others might be interested in), I realized yet again how boring looking my blog is. I'm feeling kind of odd (sort of migrainish or something) though I'm okay just sitting here mostly still, so I decided to do a little jazzing. Nothing too amazing yet, but I had fun making the heading. Can you tell the thingies hanging off the "Still Swinging" are swings? I am so clever. It definitely needs more 'fun stuff,' but we all know that will take more playing.

This month has been supremely busy so far. I feel like every December I spend so much time getting everyone else's Christmas ready that I can't hardly get ours ready. For "fun" I just counted - I've mailed out 30 orders that involved 61 bracelets. Adding the last week of November, it makes it 37 orders and 78 bracelets. I've got 3 orders (12 bracelets) that need to get made and out the door, and 7 other orders (12 bracelets) still waiting for payment or sizing info. This should all be slowing up soon, since people start getting worried about things being mailed in time, as they should.


  1. You probably have a migraine because your visiting teachers stayed for an HOUR today! Thought I would take a look at your blog - I love all the pictures and of course the book lists.

  2. Fun!! I could tell they were swings. :) Very creative!!

  3. Karen, it's not your fault I'm so stinkin' fun to visit. :)

  4. I'm honored to be added to your blog. I don't know if what you say by my name is true, but it made my day and I'll Take it....

    Love the swining header. You can spend hours on blogging. It's really very addicting.