Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Just have to tell you all what a wonderful husband I have. This is what I got/am getting for Mother's Day.

Fertilizer - Yes, I asked for it. Husbands take note - even if it sounds like an odd gift, if your wife tells you what she wants, get it for her! I'm looking forward to a lovely lawn.

Brakes - Isn't that thoughtful? My van inspection is coming up so last Saturday he and his dad checked out the brakes. Yes some needed replacing, and when I got home he told me Happy Mother's Day, LOL. I'm glad he cares about our safety (oh yah, and that whole passing inspection thing).

A Clean Fridge - Our fridge has needed some cleaning out for quite some time, not just tossing old food, but a down and dirty cleaning. Earlier today Jamie tossed something nasty out and I mentioned that I've been meaning to tackle the fridge, and that it would be soooo wonderful if he did that. He did! And it looks great! Knowing I don't have to work myself up to dealing with all the nasties has me positively glowing inside.

Dinner - Jamie is making dinner for not only me, but he put out an invite to both our families to anyone who would like to come so the moms don't have to cook. Jamie is an excellent cook, but guys, even if you just throw a roast in the crock pot with some spices on top, buy some rolls and salad, that would be a great meal!

Mother's Day Card - Every year I get a handmade Mother's Day card with a poem written by Jamie. I look forward to this more than anything else, because I know he puts some time and thought into it. Not that they are anything fancy, dripping with romance and such, but they are all him. And I love that.

I love you, Jamie! Thanks for all the wonderful things you do not just on Mother's Day, but every day.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. You and I must be related, I swear! I got composted manure last year for Mother's Day. I'll never have a soft lush lawn here in MI. It's just rarely done. We have to use house water to water the lawn (too expensive), so you'll have to enjoy yours for me!!