Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In the Backyard

We've seen some exciting things in the backyard lately! A few weeks ago we were watching a robin in the backyard when Adam pointed and said, "Look at that house!"

Amazingly, Melanie had checked out several bird books at the library that week, so we whipped them out and quickly learned we were looking at a Great Blue Heron. We watched him for quite a while before he flew to the top of the house across the street, then on to another house, and away.

A weekish later a neighbor called and asked if our windows were open. I told her yes, and she said to go look outside. I didn't know what I was looking for, till she told me look up, that there was a hot air balloon outside! We watched it float around for quite awhile.

Then earlier today I noticed some apricots growing on our trees (hooray!) and went to check out a different apricot tree to see if it was too. Right next to it is a skinny pear tree, and I noticed it had a good sized nest in it.

Carolyn was with me, so I sat her on my shoulder and helped her peek in. She said there was an egg! We didn't see any parents around, so I ran in the house to grab the camera and see if we could get a quick peek inside.

Shortly thereafter mommy and daddy robin showed up. Mom headed right for the nest and dad kept watch. Erin headed over to check him out.

Here's another of him patroling. We watched him take on another bird that got a little too close.

Carolyn and I had a great chat about how eggs hatch, and I had her promise that she wouldn't bug the nest. It was a bit windy outside, and she was concerned that the nest was going to get blown out. I told her the nest is in a nice strong spot, and that the little egg will be just fine.

Makes me wonder all that goes on around us that we never notice.


  1. Wow! Those are great pictures. I had no idea that Utah had Great Blue Herons.

    I know what you mean about what we miss. I've been looking at things differently since I decided that I like to take pictures. I see so much more now.


  2. We saw the hot air balloon that morning too, my kids loved that. Grant should get together with your kids and identify birds. He is always telling me about the American Robins and Ring Neck Pheasants he sees around the neighborhood. (Yes, we must call them by their full correct names) We've never seen a heron here though!

  3. I love the pictures of the nest and eggs!

  4. Nests are amazing. I think on my best creative woodbadge trained day I couldn't design and put together a nest so well crafted and sturdy.