Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Pearl

From an article by Stephanie Francom:

"Hugh Nibley translated one of the most ancient records that exists. In this record there is a story that is called "The Pearl." A prince was sent by his father, the king, to Egypt to retrieve a pearl. He took with him a pack of clothing and food. When the prince arrived in Egypt, the people didn't trust him because of his royal clothing. So he donned their clothing. They were still distrustful because of the way he ate, so instead of eating the food he had brought with him, he began eating their food. As he took on their ways, he began to forget who he was and his mission to retrieve the pearl. His parents, aware of his predicament, wrote him a letter and marked it with the kingly seal. When the prince received his parents' letter, he recognized the message as the same message that was written on his heart. He knew that he had forgotten who he was and that he had a mission to perform. He immediately sought after and procured the pearl, and then he was able to return to his parents with honor. Remembering who he was changed everything.

"I believe that each one of us has a pearl that we have promised to retrieve, or a mission to perform. We too have a message written on our hearts. And I believe that there is a letter awaiting each one of us that will help us to remember who we are, if we will seek it out."

Read that last night and had to share. The rest of the article is just as good.

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