Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We Raise 'em Tough

This is Carolyn's latest favorite outfit. Wants to wear it sleeping, playing, basically as often as I allow. We walk in the house from anywhere, she heads to her room to change back into it. Today she snuck out to grab some snow, and no, it wasn't just an in-and-out venture. She was perfectly happy out there until I went to tell her to come back in. At least she put gloves on, eh?


  1. hehe, that's funny! Silly girl, she needs to come to Arizona where that outfit would be more appropriate!

  2. Those are some honking HUGE houses behind your house! Wow!

    My girls are funny like that too in the winter. The only thing is that the INSIDE of our house isn't that warm. Our insulation is old enough that it doesn't do much of anything.

    Yes, at least she got her gloves. I wonder what made her think of it, but nothing for her feet!


  3. That reminds me of something that Carolyn told me..."That's what girls do!"

  4. That pict made me laugh out loud!! Don't let Greta see the shirt. I took it to shop for free without her knowing. She loved to wear it too!