Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bread Making Progress

I made wheat bread today using wheat we ground and it turned out great. This whole breadmaking thing just gets more and more fun.

While I was kneading the dough Adam asked if we could have scones for dinner, which of course involves a batch of white dough. With my newly learned bread making knowledge I cut the amount of yeast in the recipe and the scones turned out better than they ever have. With the leftover dough I made some rolls. Now they taste a lot more like grandma's (it's her recipe, but they still didn't taste like hers before).

Sammy's review: "When I first bite into these rolls, it's like fireworks!"

Hold the applause, he boosted my ego enough. :)

There's just something about bread, isn't there? We'll save some for you Jamie!


  1. Homemade bread is SERIOUSLY the best!!! We love it and try to make it pretty often since we all love it so much. I'm glad your recipe turned out so good! Bread has to be the #1 staple of life!

  2. Yum!!

    If you still have leftovers, I, uh, didn't get lunch. *cough*

  3. We had scones for dinner tonight also Marni.....they weren't as good as yours....they were made from Pillsbury Biscuits. Sorry gang...I'll see if Marni and Jamie would like to adopt you all!

  4. I could use a good homemade bread recipe.