Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm So Famous, Part 1

Those of you that know me personally have probably never realized how famous I actually am. Some of this fame is shared with Jamie and thus deserves it's own special post, so that will be Part 2.

My family always had a computer while we were growing up, thanks to my dad. I remember playing these really cool games on our TRS-80 Radio Shack computer, one of which I still pine for (the one with the 5 or 6 pixel monster coming toward you through the box maze, and each turn different doors would open, and you had to get from point A to point B without the monster getting you. I kid you not, it was intense. Wish I knew the name, but I probably couldn't read back then). We would learn C programming on our Commodore 64, in exchange for equal game time (Pitfall, Montezuma's Revenge, Paper Boy, Boulder Dash - all the goodies), which was very helpful when I was a computer science major. Long story short, we were always up on technology.

I don't remember when it was that I first got set up on e-mail (sophomore/junior year in high school?), but my e-mail address was For some reason I had to set up another one later so then I was smilinsue2.

I had a lot of fun playing in AOL chat groups, pre-online predator times of course, and got involved with an online LDS group (won't drop names of who else was involved, but you would recognize them.) I stayed in the youth area mostly, and got to know a lot of really great kids and met a few in person here and there. At some point I was asked to be the 'president' of the youth group, and we set up a day/time every month when we would all meet online.

At one of these meetings someone suggested we write an article about our group and send it to the New Era. Several of the kids mailed me pictures, I wrote up some great stuff, and mailed it off. A few months down the road I heard from the New Era saying they were going to be publishing our story, September 1995. We were all so excited!

Until the artcile came out. It was all just about ME!

I feel terrible to this day, and wish Emily, Geoff, Dallin, Rusty (racking my brain for more names) could have all shared in the glory. So here's the article, straight from (To prove how back in the day this was, they didn't even know how to write "online.")

Friendship On-Line

Marni Adams has friends all over the United States. Every month, they get together and talk about gospel subjects, ideas for Mutual activities, and what they’ve read in the latest issue of the New Era. No, Marni doesn’t travel a lot, and she doesn’t have a huge phone bill. Every month, Marni and her friends “chat” on their computers
“Our group includes people from all over the country,” says Marni, a student at Ricks College. “Only a few have actually met in person, but even those who haven’t are still great friends with each other.”.

Known as “Smilin’ Sue” on the computer, Marni says that through advanced technology, people who would have never become friends otherwise now really love each other.

“Probably the best thing about making friends on the computer is that appearances and age don’t matter. It’s a lot easier to really get to know people,” says Marni.

So there you have it. That's me in all my big hair, big glasses glory. Bring on the comments. I can take it.


  1. You were so BEAUTIFUL!!! haha, that's fun by the way!

  2. My sister used to call my bangs a "Puff," so yes, I can relate to big hair. And, I think my glasses were just like that (though I usually wore contacts until Nathan was born).

    Waaah, I want to be in the New Era too!

  3. Love the hair Marni! :) I was going to add a crack about losing height...but then I thought maybe your friends and family would think I was a big jerk and wouldn't know that I think you are the awesomest friend in the world full of great ideas and inspiration for me, so I didn't. ;)

    Secretly, I always knew you would be famous.

  4. Okay, I'll let you keep THIS old issue of the New Era, but any others from the 90's need to go.

  5. Marni, I loved brought back so many memories. By the way, I always knew you were famous and would do amazing things in your life!

  6. I heard that part 2 is going to be amazing. I am not sure if I can wait. I may have to write part 2 for you...

  7. Wow, I'm glad you've all been so confident in my fame!

    Kathryn, I get enough trash talk from my family, they would check and see if you were related.

    Karen, have I told you lately how awesome you are?

    Todd - please do! I might be more exciting than the real thing. Guest author? :)