Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Motor Mouth

So there's this Bill Cosby bit where he's talking about his family. He makes the comment that he and his wife have five kids, then says, "We have five kids because we don't want six." Since we also have five kids in our family, the kids latched right onto that and quote it all the time, thinking they are so very very funny.

Today we were at the library. Carolyn is always looking for new friends, and she attached herself to another little girl and was chatting away with her. They followed the girl's mother while she looked for books in the children's section, Carolyn talking away the whole time. Just as we were gathering to leave I heard her say out of the blue, "We have five kids because we don't want six!" The mom chuckled and to me said, "That's one way to put it!" Of couse I quickly explained how something like that would pop out of my almost 5 year old's mouth.

Later, thinking of my embarrassment, I reminded Carolyn of the situation and tried to explain that we need to be careful about what we tell strangers. "That little girl and her mom were strangers?" "Well kind of, not the bad kind, but..." I knew I was attempting a conversation that would make my brain do cartwheels before she understood, if then. "Oh forget it. They were nice, weren't they?"


  1. Me thinks you took the right road in regards to that conversation. LOL Don't you just love trying to explain 'things'?

  2. I have a DVD, but I can't remember what it's called. Stranger Safety or something like that. It explains people as "don't knows" or "kinda knows" - they are still strangers, but the DVD doesn't make it so scary.