Friday, March 6, 2009


As Randy Pausch puts it in "The Last Lecture," some kids win the parent lottery and I think Kathryn's and Cindi's (and many others that I also admire) won. I think there are far less "gifted" children than there are children that have been gifted with great parents.

For one fine example, go read Kathryn's post on OCD (not what you think).


  1. Oh gee you are sweet Marni. Your kids definitely won the Parent lottery.

    I really loved Randy Pausch's ideas. I read the book just before I had the opportunity to fulfill one of my dreams of being on the radio (it didn't quite work out like I wanted, but it still counts). I don't think I would have done it had I not just read his book...but his vision of achieving dreams was really inspiring.

  2. I have been officially guilted into a comment! I agree with Kathryn. I think your kids won the Parent lottery too. You and Jamie are good folks.