Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CPSIA on Law and Order

Law and Order SVU played an episode tonight about a man who chewed on odd things from the time he was very young on up (hunks of pencil, toys cars), was severely developmentally delayed, and eventually shot and killed someone. The issue? LEAD POISONING.

I've heard of product placement, but law placement is new to me. "See people? If we don't get rid of lead in EVERYTHING your child could eat it and shoot someone! The CPSC are the good guys! So stop sending us letters and stop calling us!!!"

No wonder I don't like to watch TV. The network execs do a bad enough job playing shows worth watching, but when politicians get involved, it's just plain gross.

Just for fun, read this post to from the Common Room. If you've noticed any of your old books going rancid, send them my way.

Go Mommy Bloggers!


  1. It's another head shaker. I love how these shows are so 'subtle' about their politics. I passed on links to your posts to some other people that were all hot about this as well.

  2. Oh wow, oh wow! Between this and the proposed ban on farmers markets and roadside selling of vegetables (for our protection, of course), I have been just curled up in the fetal position these last few weeks - figuratively speaking, anyway :-)

    Thank you for writing about this, I'm proud to be a Mommy Blogger!