Sunday, April 26, 2009

My New Favorite Website

I popped on facebook the other day to see if anything exciting was going on outside my walls and noticed a friend had posted this video.

I instantly became a fan, and naturally had to start stalking his website. Extremely super cool that you can choose from different playlists (left side of the screen), click listen, and have his amazing music play away. His music blessed our home most of the day Saturday.

You can even download a few of his songs for free, and print out some of his sheetmusic. I printed out "All of Me." Yah. Don't expect any concerts anytime soon. The five flats were scary, but then I read all these testimonials from 14 year olds that hated their piano lessons until they started playing Jon's music which they can now play to perfection and I figured if THEY can do it... I'll let you know, but give me a few years. While you're waiting, go listen to Jon play it. It's the first song that plays when you bring up the website.

I love one of the comments I read on his website - that they felt like they've heard his music before. Like in heaven.


  1. that is soooo beautiful. i was blessed enough to here the celloists music alot. he was in my ward before we moved. he is amazing and his wife is just as talented.

  2. Who are you going to get to be your cellist? Very nice.

  3. Jaclyn - LUCKY!

    Are you volunteering Kathryn? Maybe if you start practicing now, we'll both be all set at the same time. :)

  4. Man...I would LOVE to play the cello. It does have the similar parts as the bassoon most of the time. Do you think my knowledge would transfer?

  5. Awesome! :)
    Wow. Such talent. I might be his second stalker. hee hee.
    It ALMOST makes me want to pick up the piano. Nah...I'll just come listen to it at your house....right. :)