Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wisdom Knockin' At My Door

One of the byproducts of good weather is more door-to-door salespeople. I'm sure my neighbors shake their heads at me because I am not good at getting rid of them. I cringe when I see them, but I feel like I need to be considerate, nod happily, and be amazed at their miracle product, then kindly turn them down.

So this very nice older black gentleman from Houston, Texas came selling Advantage cleaner yesterday (the one you can eat but will give you diarrea. There is another you can eat that won't - a lady selling that came a couple weeks ago, $79/gallon!). He was so full of stories and wisdom I asked him at one point why he isn't in a classroom inspiring kids. He chuckled and said he just shares it freely wherever he goes, things he's learned on the road. I kept wishing I had a pencil and paper to take notes, but among the several he shared with the little girls about being good kids and good family members, here's one that stuck with me:


Snappy, isn't it? I even tried it out on the kids later, and the boys chuckled and thought it was cool. He also threw out that a team means Together Everyone Accomplishes More, but I already knew that one.


  1. Did you buy the cleaner? I had a guy last spring that came by, said he was from New Orleans...yadda yadda yadda, He made me laugh so much that I bought his magazine. I even said, I'm sure I'm just giving this money away, but you made me laugh so I'll do it. And yep...never got the magazines.

  2. No, I didn't. It's hard to swallow $37 for a quart of cleaner, which of course mixes in to however many bottles mixed, but still. Even if it cleaned like the dickens for half my neighbors, including the Harley with the burnt rubber on it.

  3. You guys must have kept his busy on your street, because he never made it over to mine. By the way, when I saw this post's title I was sure it was going to be about your amazing visiting teachers knocking on your door today - gosh, I haven't had an ego boost from you for awhile and my self esteem is waning. (This is totally asking for one, isn't it?)

  4. Karen, go read my comment on the "Spring Break" post again!