Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bison vs. Wolves

A few weeks ago we watched a movie about Yellowstone, and there were a few lines that made me grab the laptop to get them down. They were talking about how things have been going since wolves were reintroduced, how the wolf packs hunt in their own very specific territories, and how one pack especially is very good at taking down bison.

Narrator: "If a bison stands it's ground it has a much better chance of survival."

Cool Cowboy Ranger: "It's actually easier for a wolf to kill an animal running away from it than if it stands its ground. It's very difficult if the prey faces the wolf. Wolves don't like that."

Very powerful imagery. Usually we hear about wolves in sheeps clothing, coming to slyly make away with their prey, and certainly that happens. Much of what deceives is not easy to spot, or enters so secretly that it's a problem before we hardly know it's there. But with so much in the world that IS easy to see, it was nice to watch how the hunt works in regards to bison, which stands its ground. Good reminder to put on the whole armor of God, and stand.


  1. Wow. Good insight. Keep sending on the titles to the cool movies you guys watch!


  2. wow - such a cool thought - thanks for sharing that. Great visual too!