Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life of Fred Math Review - Day 1

About a week ago I heard about Life of Fred, a math book series, for the first time. After laughing (ha, laughing!) my way through some of the sample pages, I showed it to Adam and Sammy. They laughed as well and wanted me to go through more of it ("Sorry kids, they don't put the whole book online because they want you to actually buy it"), so I bought it. Another bonus to the fun content, they are not expensive!

It arrived today. "Hey look kids, Life of Fred came!" I set it down and promptly forgot about it.

I was gone for a few hours this evening, and when I got home I went in to tell Adam good night. He said something I thought I would never hear from him. "I read seven chapters of that math book." Picked myself up off the floor. "Did you do any of the math?" "Yes."

For a day 1 review, I would have to say I like it.


  1. It was so good to meet you yesterday!!! (: And I felt dumb, but I really could not get out of that chair, or I would have come over to you. I just ordered the fractions Life of Fred. Thanks so much! Always looking for great books! I am so glad that my girls and Adam will be in the same class next year. Isn't it going to be wonderful!

  2. It was exciting to meet you too! I wanted to talk to you more - sorry we were so involved in talking about our class. I think it will be fun to have our kids involved together. Have you looked into the Patriot's Club at all? It's on Tuesdays for a few hours in the early afternoon. Adam loved it last year. At least last year the ratio in that one was more girls than boys.

    They package the Life of Fred book REALLY well. For me it was almost like the first joke of the whole book. Wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. But hey, no complaints about damage during shipping!

  3. I like Fred's nose. :) And I like that Fred's creator's favorite number is pi. We might just buy the intro to Algebra for fun. Can you buy math books for fun? Is it legal?

  4. Kathryn - with Fred, I would say it's totally legal.

    Sad really that any kind of learning would be given such an un-fun status. Maybe Fred will take over the world and change that. I'm reading "Chasing Vermeer" right now, and highly recommend it to you and Emily. A lot of really fun fun learning going on in it.