Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Walkin' Down Bead Street

I haven't had a lot of jewelry orders for a while (a nice break really), then suddenly the past couple of days I got seven orders to finish up and get out today. In helping one customer see what I was imagining on a customer order she wanted, I looked through some older pictures of bracelets I've made. I used to be involved with an online boutique group (they made the amazing clothing, I made the jewelry to match), so I used to do a lot more custom orders than I do now. At this point, when I'm sick of a style I pull it off my website or jack the price up high enough that if someone buys it at least I feel like it's worth it. I haven't added anything new to my website for a while and have been sticking with the standards that I know sell. I should really keep up with some of the matching I used to do for different commercial clothing lines, but haven't for a long time.

As I was perusing the bracelet pictures, I saw a lot of my favorites and thought I would share them.

Nice colors, and the big flower with the little one inside made it unique. This one still has a home on my website.

This one is one of my all time favorites. Not overly difficult or fancy, but I love the colors and different bead styles. I would have this up if I could, but alas, I bought some of the beads locally and I can't find them anymore. Maybe I need to find a good substitute.

I've done a few binky clips as well, but have never put them on the website, just on eBay. Here's a fun style.

Another of my all time favorites, maybe even my very favorite favorite. Made for a Halloween or Fall themed group launch. Very pumpkiny, eh?

I got a lot of sales out of this one (it sold in other colors as well). Listed as a fairy bracelet, the little treasure box dangled at the clasp with extra "fairy dust" included. Clever.

This was very cool but very annoying (time consuming) to make. I called it the Let Freedom Ring bracelet because of the bells. Maybe I should try one of these on etsy for a ridiculous price and see if it sells.

When people say things about me being so talented, I tell them that all I do is string beads on wire, which doesn't take talent. My sister on the other hand? Talented with a capital T. Look at these cute cute cows and lambs! Never in a million years could I do that. I tried a little bit on really simple things, made some really ugly beads (the Easter bunnies looked outright evil), then gave her all the beads and paints I bought for it. You can see the results. She rocks.


  1. I LOVE them! When I have a little girl I want to try and make some bracelets to match EVERY outfit! They are so dang cute! I might have to have you show me though- cause you ARE TALENTED!!!

  2. Now Emily, that's why I ended with April's cool stuff. So everyone thinking that would go, "Oh you're right, you really aren't." I'll teach you everything I know.

  3. I love these! I especially LOVE the first one! I have birthdays coming up, I would love to place an order!!

  4. PUh-lease! You ARE talented! I love your bracelets and though I've received a couple as gifts, yours are always my favorite. Hands down.

    Hey, are you saying you can't make that second one for Faith? Cuz, if you can, I'll take it. Also, I have another fix it order. How are my other fix-its coming? Oh, and I need some more earring backs. Do you still have some?

    Man, this comment is long. Just e-mail me.

  5. Speaking of...I've been meaning to ask you how to put your logo on my sidebar instead of the link I have. I'm sure its not that hard...but I'm having techno brain cramp. :)

  6. Such flattery!! I was going along admiring all the pretty designs you have made. You ARE talented! Yeah, it's just stringing beads on a wire (which, hello! Those bead holes are tiny!) but you make them look really, really nice.

    I am sitting here drooling over a couple of the pictures you shared... but for me!!

    I almost laughed right out loud in the middle of my really quiet class when I read your "outright evil" Easter bunny comment.

  7. sueadamsfam@gmail.comJune 4, 2009 at 9:37 AM

    I was thinking that your patriotic bracelet would be fun for some nieces whose dad is in Afghanistan....

  8. Slow getting to some of these comments...

    Holly - I'll have to check through all my stuff again. Maybe I bought some similar replacements, but if not I think I know what I could buy to make the pink/orange pretty similar to that. The round beads were the ones I bought locally. And yah, big loser here hasn't fixed your things yet. But I'm on it!!!

    Kathryn - Yah, I was surprised at how much I had to play with that, that blogger doesn't have some quick little "add image with a link" option (maybe they do now?), but I had to add it using the "Configure HTML/Javascript" option and just add in the code. I can send you that if you'd like.

    April - I might have a picture of the evil Easter bunnies. I'll have to check. That could be part of another bracelet posting I'm considering, bracelet flops or something.

    Mom - Alisa has bought some red, white, and blue ones in the past, but I don't think that one. Hmmmm... We could always get April to paint more flags too, even if she says she's retiring. :)

  9. LOL! Retiring. Does that mean I get Social Security and all the other good stuff I am too young to think about?