Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear New Journal,

So. I wrote my name in the front, declaring this officially mine. I've been thinking I need to journal more but I'm not into the "this happened then that happened"-ness of my journals in the past. I've been loving the blogging thing, but some thoughts are so random that I don't feel a whole blog post would even be worth it, though they are still my thoughts that I might want to use later.

Things like:
* I don't like being loud when I walk (think flip flops)
* Started potty training Erin again, going good so far

By the way, so far this is in pencil. I know pen is supposed to be more "archivalish," but I mess up. To me erase is better than messy scribble out. Plus sometimes I might not like my handwriting and want to rewrite more carefully.

Also, page 1 didn't sit back nicely, so rather than starting there I started here. Which could actually be a bonus. Maybe sometime I could create a little index of things I want to refer to.

Well anyway, here goes!


  1. Yes, I journal so much less now and blog so much more! It's much more fun with the pictures.
    I re-posted the buns post thanks to you. I took it down, not sure who I was offending. (:
    And for the testimony lady, yes, she was giving a talk on learning things, I think, and she started talking about solar over cooking!! Even Tess said, "We better learn how to do that!" So I showed her your blog and we did it.

  2. I have several journals that start that way....then there are about 100 blank pages just after. Seems I am a much better blogger than journaler.

  3. Kathryn - Me too. But this time it's different, okay? Different!

  4. I am laughing that you blogged exactly what you wrote.