Sunday, February 3, 2008

Learn, Write, Do

Far too many times I've been talking to someone and said, "I heard something great recently, can't remember where I heard it, but it was something like..." and then I do a fine job butchering whatever it was. I love to listen to uplifting podcasts and talks, then can't remember later why I loved it so much, and all the time while I'm reading I'll come across something that reakly touches me. A few months ago I bought a notebook where I started writing down great things that I hear or read, and while reading through some the other day I thought I should share here and there. Coincidentally, the first one I wanted to post goes right along with everything else I've written.

"Throughout the reminder of my life, I will seek to learn by what I hear, see, and feel. I will write down the important things I learn, and I will do them."

(Richard G. Scott, "To Learn and Teach More Effectively," 2007 BYU Education Week)


  1. Our Stake Presidency in our last couple of years at BYU encouraged this and I have done it off and on with scriptures. It's nice to go back and read. I think the writing itself helps cement things, even if you never revisit your journal. Anyway, I have a blackberry with extra memory and I'm wanting to start downloading some podcasts. I've never done it before. What are your recommendations?

  2. I think we all need to do this more. I find I do the same thing..trying to remember something I read or heard. I have written things down on and off and I love coming across something that I wrote down and it takes me back to that moment in time and will even help me in the moments I'm in right now. Keep up the good work and thanks for the reminder to do it for myself.