Friday, January 18, 2008

A Dream and a Story

This morning when I woke up and rolled over Jamie said, "What were you dreaming about?" "Why?" I asked. "Because a few minutes ago you said, 'Bears and goats have feelings too.'" I started laughing, because yes I was dreaming, but couldn't believe I had actually said that outloud.

I was dreaming that I was working at a national park or something. A few family members were there working as well. Part of my job was walking this bear around on a leash. It was pretty grumpy for a while, until it stood up and gave me a big bear hug. I was pretty scared the first time, realized I was still alive, and thought it had actually been kind of pleasant. Shortly thereafter the bear did it again, and after the two hugs he was a lot happier. The bear and I met up with someone else walking around with a grumpy goat. The goat stood up on his hind hooves and also hugged me, and he was also a lot happier after. At the end of our work day all the workers stood around in an office and talked about what we learned that day. When it was my turn I said, "Bears and goats have feelings too." Silly dreams.

I've mentioned the book Adam and I are working through together on fiction writing. I wrote my first actually cool story today. At least I think it's cool. The assignment we've been trying to get ideas for is to turn an enemy into an animal and write a story about it. We've both been turning this over in our heads for a week or two and hadn't come up with any good ideas. Today I told him to just start writing and see what he could get written. Adam was grumpy at Sammy so he named his animal Sammy. That of course didn't make Sam happy, so he started throwing out ideas to make Adam a grump elk. (An elk, because that is one of Adam's favorite animals.) I thought it would be a great opportunity to get him to write a story and I would write it down for him. I couldn't get him to get past the grumpy elk, even though I threw out a couple other ideas, like a fuzzy pink elf (like the one sitting on the frontroom floor) and pajamas that make you fly (that was more to make him giggle than anything). He still wasn't taking the bait, but I had a story forming in my head.

So here you have it, Sam and the Flying Pajamas. Adam doesn't think it is very flattering to him. I told him I'll write a story with him as the hero sometime. Melanie wants one too. (I tried putting this on Google Docs but guess I need to play with it more, so now it's at my website instead.)


  1. Thanks for sharing your dream. It made my day...

  2. Only because now you understand Jamie's google quote of the day. :P

  3. HAHAHA! That wasn't me walking the goat was it?